bonpart is a Vienna based furniture and product design  studio run by Verena Waidmann and Lukas Gstöttner.


The collaboration is a permanent dialogue, in which we draw upon different backgrounds in engineering and fine art.


In our work we aim for timeless beauty and intelligent solutions, resulting in projects with a certain calmness of clear-lined shapes, yet always with a playful twist. Our sculptural approach goes well with a focus on technical refinements and attentive details.


We have a hands-on approach, so we experience technical feasibility as part of the creative process and often as a source of inspiration.

Having two well-equipped workshops, one for metal and one for wood, plus a strong local network of artisans and experts in various fields, provides us with valuable experience in craftsmanship and material understanding.


We pay attention to the sustainability of our projects, not only in terms of adequate material usage and quality processing but also when it comes to socio-economic considerations.

Our personal design principles go hand in hand with sustainable considerations, by creating lasting aesthetics opposed to serving short-lived trends.



Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair 2019, product launch // David design

Vienna Design Week 2018, Design Everyday

Paris Design Week 2018, product launch // ast for DANIEL

ICFF New York 2018, product launch // loop for

Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair 2018, Greenhouse

IMM Cologne 2018, product launch // meta for WON

SaloneSatellite 2017, Milan

Selected 2017, Graz

20 years of SaloneSatellite 2017, Milan

Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair 2017, Greenhouse

Departure Studio  within Blickfang 2016, MAK Wien

Vienna Vienna Design Week 2016

SaloneSatellite 2016, Milan